Paddy Power & the squeezy mindset...

Paddy Power & the squeezy mindset...


Paddy Power did it again last week. Generating social conversation with their hoax Huddersfield Town sponsorship.

The genius of the Paddy Power approach was to see an element of their marketing plan that most brands would consider solid as squeezy.

They adopted a squeezy mindset.

What's the squeezy mindset?

Think of it this way. You'd be forgiven for thinking something like a sponsorship deal doesn't need much in the way of further development or creative thought.

Surely once the deal is agreed the results are self-evident aren't they? - lots of lovely impressions.

The fans will see our logo. The opponent's fans will see it and anyone watching will see it.

Yum. Lovely lovely impressions. Why would we need to do more?

Here's why;

*Not all impressions are created equal. Some win significantly more quality time than others*

We know intuitively and through a lot of research that personal recommendations are ridiculously valuable.

We are way more likely to talk about something that comes through a WhatsApp message from a friend compared to something we see elsewhere from a brand.

That makes the WhatsApp impressions between mates extremely valuable. Squeezy thinking

Squeezy thinking understands this, and sees every piece of marketing activity as a thing that can be squeezed to generate conversation, quality impressions and ultimately time with the audience.

So instead of stopping their thinking at 'the sponsorship deal will get me X impressions' they appear to think

'how can I get people to talk about this?

This is a profoundly different (better) way of thinking

By asking this one question you get an idea like #saveourshirts. A campaign with a beginning (launch) a middle (reveal) and a longer tail (#SaveOurShirts - which is sure to see further activity around it). That's a lot of squeezing.

Each element of the campaign has generated conversation for Paddy power which means quality impressions - quality because they come from friends and family. They, noticed, reacted to and they win time.

We've yet to see what sort of impact this has on Paddy Power but we already know it's boosted their SOV

Consider how much more effective we'd all be as marketers if we applied squeezy thinking to everything we do.

And consider this - odds are you're probably sitting on a project of your own that's ripe for a good squeeze.

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